SWALK Heinrich Schütz

Sonic walk through time and space
how to start

Here you can get the App
SWALK Heinrich Schütz:

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Install the SWALK Heinrich Schütz app in the Google Play Store or in the Apple App Store.

Please put on your headphones.
Only headphones guarantee you a unique sonic experience in 3D sound. And make sure that the volume of your mobile phone is set correctly. Turn on location sharing in your mobile phone.

In the menu item ‘WHERE’, select the city offering soundwalks in which you are currently located.

The map shows you the stations where Schütz's life and work can be discovered. Walk towards these stations.



When you have reached the correct location, the listening station starts automatically. When you leave the radius of approx. 7 m, the listening station will end. By re-entering it will start again at the beginning.


 There is no fixed order of stations. Discover a path through the city yourself, as Heinrich Schütz might once once done.


NOTE: Please pay attention to road traffic and other pedestrians during your soundwalk

And now:

Have fun!


SWALK Heinrich Schütz
A project by Heinrich Schütz Musikfests und SWALK – Fabian Russ & Tobias Philipp

Google Play
Apple App store
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